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Building a C# applet

I am wondering how to build a C# applet. I built a class library with a custom control. But the browser (IE6) fails to render it as an object. Do you have some examples to show how to achieve this? By the way, can a C# applet be run under platforms without the .NET Framework pre-installed?
There's no such concept as a C# "applet". At most, there are custom Windows forms controls that are embedded on a page. Of course, just like in Java, you can't run it if you don't have the corresponding runtime on the client machine. You can use the <object> tag to add it to an HTML page:

<object id="MyControl" 
height="480 "width="640">

The class ID contains the URL of the DLL for downloading and the fully qualified name of the class that implements the control. The library must not be placed on the /bin folder of a Web application in order to be served by IIS/ASP.NET.

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