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Book on network programming with C#

Can you please guide me or share with me some good book title for networking programming with C#? I am a network administrator and I would like to write a management application so that I can monitor any network device.
I would recommend starting out with one of these three books. Professional .NET Network Programming was an excellent read with a mixture of solid examples and not too heavy on networking jargon. It would be a very good beginner book to get your feet wet in the world of managed network programming.

Here are three books that I would recommend to you as a beginner/novice programmer looking to introduce yourself to network programming. If you are already familiar with the language, then you are halfway home. If you have previously written networking applications, then these books will do nothing more than provide a refresher with simple to moderately complex examples of some of the basic or common networking protocols.

Things such as sending emails using SMTP, FTP, HTTP are covered, but not in depth. More to the topic are things such as the types of sockets, blocking vs. non-blocking, stream vs. datagram vs. raw sockets. All in all only having read the last one, I would recommend it to anyone interested in programming sockets using C#. It won't do you wrong, unless you are already a wiz!

C# Network Programming ISBN: 0782141765

Network Programming for the Microsoft .NET Framework ISBN: 073561959X

Professional .NET Network Programming ISBN: 1861007353


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