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As a VS.NET beginner, how hard would it be for me to create a form to manage my small business?

I am the manager of a skating rink and I am trying to develop a small program to calculate and record entry fees, equipment, hire, etc. I tried using a spreadsheet, which did the job but took too long to fill out, which was keeping the customer waiting too long. I thought making a form could be a better approach. Am I taking the right approach by using Visual Studio .NET and is my goal easy to achieve for a beginner? Thanks.
I admire you're willingness to do the work to make your job easier. However, before tackling a pretty big application, I'd recommend that you look at taking a programming course or two at your local community college or university. That way you'd learn about the techniques of problem solving and start touching on planning. This is especially important since you'll be running your business on this application.

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