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After a build, the auto-hide property window seems to choke up

I love the auto-hide feature of all those powerful windows, and especially like it for the property window. However, after a build, the property window seems to choke up. My workaround is to close the property window each time I want it to hide it and call it back up with the right-mouse button. Is this a known problem or does everybody get this same quirky behavior?
Unfortunately, in VS.NET 2002, sometimes the pop-out windows refuse to pop-out. This is a known bug with a known workaround less arduous than restarting VS.NET (thank goodness). What's happening is that VS.NET gets into a state where the pop-out window in no longer unpinned, but pinned with only the tab showing. To force the window to pop out, click on the tab while holding the Shift key. This will pop out the pinned window, allowing you to unpin it. Hopefully future versions of VS.NET will fix this problem.

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