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Adding a 'Debugger Users Group' during VS.NET install

I am having a problem with debugging in VS.NET 2002 Academic. The error is: "Unable to start debugger: The debugger is not installed properly."

I have reinstalled .NET Framework and Visual Studio.NET several times. Towards the end of the installation, it says you have to create the 'Debugger Users' group and add trusted users to it. I have done that. I have also manually registered mscordbi.dll. But, the error still persists. This error shows up for any type of application (Windows, ASP.NET, console...). Do I have to register any other DLLs or anything else? I really appreciate your help.
The only thing I can think of that you may not have done is add your account to the Debugger User's group. Another thing to try is to boost yourself to a member of the Administrator group and see if that helps.

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