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Access VB .NET Windows control on client side

This expert response shows how to access VB .NET Windows control on the client side.

I have created a Windows control in VB.NET, and, using &ltObject> tag, placed it on an ASP.NET page. Now I want to access that control on the client side script, but I am unable to use its methods using client script.

Below is the code written for the ASP.NET page:

&ltscript language="vbscript">
 function dipalyImageforView()
 end function
 &ltbody MS_POSITIONING="GridLayout">
  &ltform name="f1">
  &ltinput type="button" name="b1" value="CLICK ME" onclick="dipalyImageforView()">
 &ltOBJECT id="cimDocImageView1" height="300" width ="300" classid ="http:DocImageViewer.dll#DocImageViewer.CimImageViewer" VIEWASTEXT>
  &ltparam name="FilePath" value ="c:\1.tif">

Yes, you can access embedded objects using JavaScript. You will need to refer to the object using its unique ID through the document object. You should be able to access the object using the document. .method technique, or by finding the element via the document.getElementById method on the document object.

A good starting example can be found by Googling the phrase 'Javascript and Embedded Objects'. Here's a sample I found with this search that demonstrates the techniques I have mentioned: http://www.devarticles.com/c/a/JavaScript/JavaScript-and-Embedded-Objects/10/.

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