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ASP.NET projects won't open -- help!

When reinstalling my operating system, I moved my files to another machine. Now the ASP.NET projects won't open. What can be done to remedy this? Thank you.
The applications must exist in IIS. You can register them easily with IIS by using the Web Sharing tab page in the application folder's Properties window. Next, if you changed the application name in IIS, you will need to change the project .webinfo file. Open it with notepad and adjust the project URL location accordingly.

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Solve SQL Server permissions and authentication problems For the past two weeks I've been trying to resolve a permissions problem, an authentication problem, or both. I've run out of ideas of where to look. Here is what I have: (1) SQL Server 2005 on a Member Server (2003) (2) I'm running Visual Studio .NET 2005 on my work station. (3) I can access the SQL Server data from within my .NET project. (4) If I access the website from outside my .NET project, I get Login Failed for user NT_AUTHORITY/NETWORK SERVICE. This happens on any PC and even the member server that houses SQL and the Intranet site IIS. (5) The reason I think I have a permissions problem is because of the behavior of two seperate test projects. Project #1 uses PROFILES to save state. When the program gets to this line of code, the Login Failed message appears. In project #2, I'm not saving state. But when the code attempts to gather data into a dataset, the program halts with the Login Failed message. Can you give me specific instructions on where to look and what to try?

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