Join the results of a stored procedure in T-SQL

There may be instances where you have to join the results of a stored procedure with another query. Here's how to do it.

There may be several instances where you have to join the results of a stored procedure with another query. Here's...

how to do it.

First, set the data access option for the server:

exec sp_serveroption '
  ', 'data access', true 


Then, let's create a table called "tblNames" in the "Pubs" datbase:


TickerSymbol    CompanyName 
-------------   -------------- 
AMGN            Amgen Inc 
KO              Coca-Cola Company 
MSFT            Microsoft Corporation 
ORCL            Oracle Corporation/DE 
PEP             PepsiCo Inc 


Use Pubs 
--create a simple stored procedure 

CREATE procedure sp_myproc 
SELECT 'KO' AS Tickersymbol 

--now join the results of SP with query 

select A.CompanyName,A.TickerSymbol from tblNames A  
  join openquery([server_name], '{call pubs..sp_myproc}') B 
  on A.TickerSymbol = B.TickerSymbol 


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This was first published in November 2001



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