Visual Basic 2008 -- book excerpt

Visual Basic coding is not rocket science, yet a lot of new programmers are intimidated by it. It is possible to be self taught, really.

Visual Basic coding is not rocket science, yet a lot of new programmers are intimidated by it. It is possible to...

be self taught, really. Whether you're a newbie to Visual Basic and simply want to just dabble in it, or you're interested in mastering Visual Basic coding, we have a great resource for you. 

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Book excerpt: Sam's Teach Yourself Visual Basic 2008 in 24 hours -- Complete Starter Kit 

With Chapter 3 of Murach's VB 2008, How to code and test a Windows Forms application, you'll have access to essential information that will help you learn how to code Visual Basic 2008 real-world applications. If you already know how to add controls to a form and set their properties, this introductory chapter shows you how to code a Windows form for an invoicing function, run it, and debug simple runtime errors using the productivity tools of Visual Studio 2008.If you're interested in going on, the rest of the book covers language essentials, database programming, object-oriented programming and more. The author, Anne Boehm, provides you with an introduction to LINQ, which is the biggest news in Visual Basic 2008. This cool new feature allows you to use VB to query almost any data source, from databases to arrays to XML files. Another plus to this book is the chapter exercise that allows you to practice what you've learned and apply your newly learned skills.

Read the rest of the excerpt from Murach's Visual Basic 2008 in this PDF.

Excerpted from Murach's Visual Basic 2008 (ISBN 978-1-890774-45-5) by Anne Boehm.
Copyright © 2008. Published by Mike Murach and Associates. Reprinted with permission.

This was first published in April 2008



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