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  • Exploring the four major categories of application testing tools

    Application testing tools make enterprises' app development more efficient. Learn more about automation, coverage, support and bug tracking tools. Continue Reading

  • Choose team collaboration tools for quality assurance

    To reach their goals, QA teams must work together effectively. Here are some team collaboration tools that can ensure effective collaboration. Continue Reading

  • Find the right recipe for mobile business apps

    Consumerization is driving changes in IT. Creating mobile business apps is a top concern for many companies. Developing these applications quickly, while ensuring high quality, is an enormous task for testers and project managers. Half-baked or overloaded attempts at creating mobile business apps will cause users to desert the app -- or worse, the company.

    To keep customers sated, developers need to carefully design and test mobile business apps. In the first article of this three-part handbook, software tester Amy Reichert advises readers on how to convert Web applications into mobile apps. Next, consultants Matt Heusser and Justin Rohrman discuss how to create and test responsive design. And to close, reporter Joel Shore talks about HP’s recent upgrades to tools that monitor mobile apps and development. Continue Reading

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