.NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 development

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  • SlickEdit updates VS 2005 IDE enhancer

    SlickEdit's Visual Studio 2005 add-in offers IDE improvements such as tests of regular expressions and automatic comment wrapping. 

  • Bloggers react to Visual Studio 2005, Vista news

    News that Windows Vista will only support Visual Studio 2005, and even then with a few known issues, has not gone over well with developers in the blogosphere. 

  • Better exception handling in .NET

    Exception handling is the process by which a code base reacts to change. Here we link to two bloggers who have recently offered hints for exception handling in .NET. 

  • Visual Studio vs. Vista: What's going on here?

    When Microsoft released the long-awaited VS 2005 Service Pack 1, it revealed that Vista won't support older versions of Visual Studio and will even have issues with VS 2005. In other words, MS erred badly, Mike Gunderloy writes. 

  • Inside the Visual Studio 2005 SDK

    Mike Gunderloy takes a look at the latest VS 2005 SDK (Software Developer Kit). Microsoft's recent embrace of openness and extensibility is a huge improvement over cryptic COM code, he writes. 

  • Object-Oriented Programming -- Ch. 4 of Visual Basic 2005: The Complete Reference

    This book excerpt explains the ins and outs of object-oriented programming, a model that is used sparingly in VB 6 but frequently in VB 2005. 

  • Mini-Guide: VB.NET and the .NET Framework, Part 2

    In Part 1, I highlighted eight tutorial videos that showed how to avoid memory leaks, implement global error handling and read and write event log entries. You also learned about visual inheritance, string functions, performance counters and how to c... 

  • Visual Basic 2005 data types and variables -- book excerpt

    This book excerpt explains data types and variables in Visual Basic 2005 and looks at how they have evolved since VB 6. 

  • Finding files in Visual Studio 2005

    Is searching for VS 2005 files worse than locating a needle in a haystack? Here we look at five Visual Studio add-ins that make this process much easier. 

  • Views on Microsoft's .NET language symposium

    Microsoft has always favored the notion that a variety of languages may be employed to build applications. While C# and VB.NET have gotten the brunt of attention during the .NET era, the Common Language Runtime is intended to support a wider variety ...