C# programming language

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  • Native versus JavaScript/HTML5 development for Window 8 apps

    Learn the advantages and disadvantages in using HTML5/JavaScript for deployment. 

  • Using the client networking stack in Silverlight

    There are many scenarios where you need to communicate with a webserver from your Silverlight application. For example you might want to lazy load files from your server to your application when the application is idle. Another common situation is du... 

  • At PDC: Microsoft's Muglia talks about Azure Platform as a Service advances

    Windows Azure as platform for applications gained attention at Microsoft’s PDC in Redmond, Wash. Platform as a Service [PaaS] is where the future of the cloud computing resides, said Bob Muglia, President of Server and Tools Business for Microsoft. 

  • Visual Studio 2010: A Beginner's Guide

    In "Visual Studio 2010: A Beginner's Guide," author Joe Mayo provides a gradual on-ramp to development with Visual Studio 2010. Read a free excerpt from the book. 

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 hits the mark: What developers are saying

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 was released recently and so far developers and analysts have mostly positive feedback. With a host of new development and test tools, fixes to buggy tools and a WPF-based IDE, early adopters are saying VS 2010 hits the m... 

  • Creating an ordinal binding converter

    When creating an ordinal binding converter the possibilities are endless, as you can write code to covert from any .NET type to an alternate .NET type. 

  • Inside Visual Studio 2010

    Microsoft is released Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2. Find out key features of Microsoft's next-generation development environment, and learn key features of the Framework, Visual Basic, and C#. 

  • Mono 2.0 moves .NET apps to Linux - includes migration analyzer

    The open-source version of .NET known as Mono now supports C# 3.0, LINQ, Visual Basic 8. Mono 2.0 also features a debugger for managed code -- a new feature for the project -- as well the Mono Migration Analyzer (MoMA), a tool that analyzes .NET asse... 

  • GLib

    GLib is a utility library that can simplify programming in C, especially for projects involving the languages GNOME and GTK+. Many programmers believe that the utility functions in GLib are more consistent than those in C... (Continued) 

  • LINQ beyond queries: Strong-typed refection

    LINQ makes queries a first-class concept in C#. LINQ can be used for way more than just querying, though -- think lambda expressions and strong-typed reflection.