Podcast: Silverlight in the Web development spotlight

Brian Goldfarb of Microsoft offers an introduction to Silverlight, the tool for building rich Internet applications, and explains what developers are able to do with it.

Silverlight began its life as Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere, a tool for bringing the graphic and media capabilities of WPF into the browser -- Firefox and Safari as well as IE -- and onto the Mac. At MIX07 Microsoft announced that Silverlight would be bringing the .NET Framework onto the Web, in the process allowing developers to code in native .NET to develop rich internet applications.

In this podcast Brian Goldfarb, Microsoft product manager for Web platform and tools, offers a brief introduction to Silverlight and explains what developers are able to do with it.

The link for out latest podcast appears below. To listen to it right now, left click on the link. To download it and save it for later, right click on it.

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