Tuning .NET applications for peak performance

As .NET gains traction as an enterprise platform, experts say .NET app performance management is the next frontier. Many tools aim to make the .NET server pool more manageable.

As .NET gains traction as a platform for enterprise development, experts say .NET application performance management is the next frontier. And, as in the past, it seems that the ability to build new and more sophisticated applications always stays ahead of the ability to manage them. Fortunately, a slew of tools are coming online to make the .NET server pool more manageable.

A two-part series on sister site TheServerSide.NET examines the market for .NET performance management tools. It's a market much less mature than its counterpart in the Java space, but a variety of vendors large and small are starting to step up to the plate.

Tuning .NET, Part One: Performance monitors appear
Tuning .NET, Part Two: Tools help manage .NET applications

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