Tech Ed series: Visual Basic past, present and future

This three-part series looks at Tech Ed sessions devoted to VB 6, VB 2005 and VB 9.

Visual Basic 2005 may be the latest incarnation of the 15-year-old programming language, but an ongoing survey

of readers indicates that more developers are still coding in VB 6 that in VB.NET. On top of that, Visual Basic 9, code-named Orcas, is due for release at the end of 2007. Each new release brings productivity enhancements but also questions about performance and migration.

At Tech Ed 2006, attended several breakout sessions focused on Visual Basic 2005. This three-part series looks at the language's past, present and future.

  • Part 1: Can VB 6 and VB.NET forms coexist?

  • Part 2: Tips and time-savers for VB 2005 application development

  • Part 3: Visual Basic's future: LINQ, Orcas and, yes, VB 6

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  • Dig deeper on Visual Basic 6 programming language



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