VSoft FinalBuilder 4

VSoft Technologies Pty Ltd. released FinalBuilder 4 build and release management system. The software automates the build process.

Category: Developer Life Cycle Tool

Description: VSoft Technologies Pty Ltd. released FinalBuilder 4 build and release management system. The software...

automates the build process, including integration with versions control systems, compilation of source code, deployment and CD or DVD buringing. FinalBuilder 4 supports parallel builds. FinalBuilder 4 can now automatically load and store the value of a variable. In the past this had to be done manually by reading from a text file at the beginning of a build, and then writing the value at the end of a build. The software can compile applications from source code; compile Setup/Installer programs; and compiler Help files. The software integrates with Microsoft Team Systems and VMWare.

Expert commentary: "FinalBuilder remains high on my list of innovative tools. Some ISVs would give up to find Microsoft invading their core market, but VSoft reacted to MSBuild and Visual Studio Team System by simply improving their IDE for building complex software projects to the point where it overshadows anything Microsoft has even contemplated. FinalBuilder can orchestrate an amazing variety of build actions, and the latest version adds asynchronous parallel build steps, integration with the latest round of compilers and other tools, better logging, and a raft of other improvements. There are other excellent build tools on the market, but this is the one I've worked with the most over the years and they keep impressing me with their ability to find useful new features to add to the product."

Company URL: http://www.finalbuilder.com
Demo download information: http://www.finalbuilder.com/download.html



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