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April 2008

  • Visual Basic 2008 -- book excerpt

    Visual Basic coding is not rocket science, yet a lot of new programmers are intimidated by it. It is possible to be self taught, really.

  • Oslo SOA strategy fleshed out more at TechEd Developer

    Oslo is Microsoft's emerging grand vision for modeling service-oriented applications. The emphasis to date has been on vision. But at the TechEd 2008 Developer conference June 3 to 6 in Orlando, FL...

  • testing

    In general, testing is finding out how well something works.

  • 136 browser colors with names

    Some Web page creators prefer to specify colors by name rather than by hexadecimal red-green-blue (RGB) intensity value.

  • Cosmos

    Cosmos is an open source, evolving, .NET-based operating system development tool. The acronym stands for "C# Open Source Managed Operating System." (Continued...)

  • Fast Guide: SharePoint blogs

    In this day and age where most companies have limited budgets and resources, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) blogs may offer just the added support and networking needed to keep abreast o...

  • Windows XP SP3 pack includes new XML parser, enhanced IP security

    The latest XP update includes developer goodies including a new internal XML parsing engine, better IP security policy support, and a new management console.

  • Microsoft links BizTalk to RFID to Windows Mobile apps

    Microsoft made available a private beta for Microsoft BizTalk RFID Mobile, with general availability expected in late this year. It is said to simplify development of mobile applications that expos...

  • Mainsoft introduces .NET-to-Java translation tool

    Interop house Mainsoft announced Mainsoft for Java EE Version 2.2, an interoperability toolkit that translates .NET code into Java applications. It enables a development team to write applications ...

  • Podcast: Windows CardSpace authors speak

    CardSpace was one of many elements to see light of day with the release of .NET 3.5. It is an Identity Meta System. We spoke recently with Vittorio Bertocci and Caleb Baker on the topic.

  • Jumping into Visual Studio as an Industry Partner

    Microsoft's recent release of Visual Studio 2008 has focused new interest on its Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program.